Lego Robot Camps in Columbus

Does your child love Legos?

Are you looking for a summer camp that’s both fun and educational?

At Lego Robot Camp, your child will learn how to design, build, and program working robots using the Lego Mindstorms robotics kit. Because camp activities are hands-on and engaging, children as young as 4 and as old as 15 will learn valuable problem solving methods, engineering concepts, and computer skills.  Students work mostly with others of a similar age, though most activities at camp are individual rather than team-oriented.  Our highly-trained team of “Robot Geniuses” is there to help your student through every challenge… no experience is necessary!

At the conclusion of the camp, your child will use his/her new-found skills to create a robot that will compete against other robots in a “Sumo Robot” competition. Your child is guaranteed to walk away with a trophy, and may even earn special awards.

If you are looking for fun and educational activities for kids near Columbus Ohio, your kids will love Lego Robot Camp.  We have venues for kids age 4-15 in Westerville as well as in Dublin and Gahanna.  Click ‘camps information’ on the menu above to learn more.  

2-Day Lego Robot “Battle” Camp 
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Ages: 4-9 (Junior Camp) or 9-14 (Master Camp)
Fee: $95 total for both days
Locations:  Westerville, Gahanna, Dublin

Students learn problem solving and engineering skills through fun, hands-on activities.  Kids love this camp because it focuses on a Lego Robot Sumo Battle.  After learning how to build robots, students apply their skills to building battle robots and competing for trophies.

5-Day Lego Robot “Superhero” Camp 
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Ages: 4-9 (Junior Camp) or 9-14 (Master Camp)
Fee: $225 total for all five days (half-day sessions)
Locations:  Gahanna, Dublin

In this camp, students are exposed to a wide range of fun, hands-on challenges.  Students learn problem solving skills by imagining and building “superhero” robots that can solve everyday problems.  For example, students will build a robot that can pick up dirty clothes from a bedroom floor, thus saving the day!  Appropriate for all skill levels, this camp allows kids to learn a wide variety of robotics concepts.  Like all of our camps, this camp will culminate in a Lego Robot Sumo Battle in which students use what they’ve learned to build battle robots and compete for trophies.

5-Day “Robot Engineering and Visual Programming” All-Day Camp  
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Ages: 9-14 (Master Camp)
Fee: $645 total for all five days (all-day camp)
Location:  Westerville

This camp is for older students who want to spend extra time learning everything there is to know about Lego robotics.  Our world-renowned instructors will teach students about robot design concepts that helped them to win international Lego robotics championships.  The curriculum involves three main components: mechanical design, programming, and testing.  For mechanical design, students will learn best practices for building mechanical systems out of Legos.  They will learn how to use gearing systems to give their robots more speed or more power.  Students will also learn advanced programming techniques involving sensors and logic.  Our instructors are some of the best in the world, and they know how to teach complex topics while keeping students engaged and excited.  Finally, students will learn how to use repeatable testing methods to ensure that their designs work.

5-Day “Adventures in Lego Robotics” All-Day Camp 
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Ages: 4-9 (Junior Camp)
Fee: $645 total for all five days (all-day camp)
Locations:  Westerville

The “Adventures in Lego Robotics” camp is paradise for young students who love Legos.  We set up fun and engaging challenges such as a “Lego Robot Drag Race”, where ribbons will be awarded to the students who can build the fastest robot.  For these younger kids, we know it’s important to provide frequent breaks for snack or recreation.  For break time, students can have supervised play in our awesome play gym.  The camp culminates in a Lego Robot Sumo Battle, where students build robots that can knock other robots off of a table.  Young students love this camp, and end up becoming inspired to learn more about science and technology!