Beyond Expectations at Sheraton Hotel 

I'm sitting at a Sheraton Hotel pool on a hot, sunny day waiting for a late flight back to Columbus after a 2-day conference.  The heat was rising so my lukewarm coffee was not satisfying.  I asked at the front desk for unsweetened iced tea.  They didn't have any in the vending area, so he asked the restaurant to bring out a glass of ice tea to the pool for me.  Jeffery delivered a big pitcher of fresh iced tea with a big smile and said, "I brewed it just for you."  I offered to pay him for it, but he said, "It's on us.  We are a multi-billion dollar company and can afford to give complimentary iced tea".  Now that's southern hospitality and customer service above and beyond my expectations!

Robot Academy loves to provide camps above and beyond your expectations.  At our last camp in Dublin, our champion winners mom cried because she was so happy and said that she never expected that he would win the Grand Champion trophy.  She was so proud of him!  I was proud of him too.  He worked hard to earn points towards trophies by accomplishing and working well with his team. 

 At Robot Academy, we love to bring out the hidden talent in your child as well as encourage teamwork.  Register at to sign up for camp before it is closed out.

 "Freedom requires responsibility to choose who we are above and beyond our immediate impulses, needs, and social pressures, so that we can genuinely express the type of person we want to be, live the life we truly want to live, leave the legacy we desire." -Brendon Burchard (The Motivation Manifesto)

Looking forward to talking soon,

Gail Vawter, Co-Founder and Director

Robot Academy

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