Boy Scout / Girl Scout / Cub Scout Robotics Badge Workshops

With LEGO Robot BattleBots

Ages 5-16. No experience required!

Join Robot Academy’s 2 hour Boy/Girl/Cub Scout Robotics Workshop to fulfill all the requirements for the Robotics Badge. Students will build robots to compete against each other in an epic “BattleBot” championship. The robots will battle “to the death”, and the builder of the “last robot standing” will win a championship ribbon. We run the rounds several times so lots of students have chances to win! Camp covers all five requirements for the Cub Scout badge.

Cost: $295 for a maximum of 10 student participants, and $10 for each additional participant. Other students and parents are welcome to observe.
Grades: K-8 (recommended)
Locations: Venue must be within 30 minutes of Columbus or a travel charge will be added.
Time: The Lego Robot Battle event lasts for 2 hours, including set-up and tear down. Robot Academy instructor(s) will arrive 15 minutes before the intended event time to set up.

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