Module B: BattleBot

This module provides a competitive framework in which students will learn to create self-contained robotic systems that can interact with other self-contained robotic systems. In BattleBot-themed challenges, robots compete to push one another out of an arena. Students must learn to create robust designs that can outlast and/or outmaneuver other robots. Some lessons focus on mechanical design, while others focus on programming. While each lesson does not necessarily involve battle, each lesson does require students to apply knowledge in a competitive setting.

Module 1 BattleBot: Build, Program, Test, Compete!
Unit 1 B1: Getting Started with BattleBots
Unit 2 B2: Mechanical Design with BattleBots
Unit 3 B3: BattleBot Programming
Unit 4 B4: Overview of BattleBot Implements and Testing
Unit 5 B5: Designing Non-Powered Battle Implements (Operation: PUSH)
Unit 6 B6: Designing Powered Battle Implements (Operation: SPIN / SMASH)
Unit 7 B7: Designing Implements for Robot Self-Defense (Operation: DEFENSE)
Unit 8 B8: Building a BattleBot Chassis
Unit 9 B9: Programming a Powered Implement
Unit 10 B10: Programming using the Ultrasonic Sensor
Unit 11 B11: BattleBot Grand Championship
Unit 12 B12: Drag Racing