Module C: Invent-A-Bot

In this module, we begin by learning and practicing building, programming, and testing techniques on simulated real-world challenge courses. Next, we apply that knowledge by creating robots that solve actual problems that students identify in their own lives. Students learn to brainstorm, identify SMART solutions, rapidly prototype, and methodically improve on their own ideas. Students learn to speak fluently about their creations by practicing for and taking part in a Mock 'Shark Tank'. Finally, students learn how to potentially bring their products to market. InventABot helps students to become actively engaged as creators of technology rather than merely consumers.

Module 1 InventABot: Use Robotics to Solve Real-World Challenges!
Unit 1 C1: Becoming an Inventor
Unit 2 C2: Operation: Clean Sweep (Level 1)
Unit 3 C3: Operation: Clean Sweep (Level 2)
Unit 4 C4: Robot Chassis Design 1
Unit 5 C5: Operation: Clean Sweep (Programming) Level 1 and 2
Unit 6 C6: Robot Chassis Design 2
Unit 7 C7: Operation: Elimination
Unit 8 C8: Operation: Elimination (Programming)
Unit 9 C9: Operation: Pet Rescue (Level 1)
Unit 10 C10: Operation: Pet Rescue (Level 2)
Unit 11 C11: Operation: Pet Rescue (Programming)
Unit 12 C12: Using Technology to Solve Problems
Unit 13 C13: SMART Solutions
Unit 14 C14: Rapid Prototyping
Unit 15 C15: Using 3D Printers to Prototype
Unit 16 C16: 3D Modeling
Unit 17 C17: Using LEGOs to Prototype
Unit 18 C18: Creating a Product Demo
Unit 19 C19: Writing an 'Elevator Pitch'
Unit 20 C20: Presenting to Investors and/or Customers
Unit 21 C21: Final Presentation / Mock 'Shark Tank'
Unit 22 C22: What’s Next: Protecting Your Idea
Unit 23 C23: What's Next: Invention Competitions
Unit 24 C24: What’s Next: Bringing Your Product to Market (Part 1)
Unit 25 C25: What’s Next: Bringing Your Product to Market (Part 2)
Unit 26 C26: Building & Programming for the FIRST LEGO League