Lego Robot BattleBot Camp (October in Ashville)

This camp encourages creative problem solving as the students learn engineering skills with fun and engaging activities.  Kids build and program LEGO Robots to compete in a BattleBot championship! The robots will battle “to the death”, and the designers of the "last robot standing” for each round will win ribbons. No experience necessary - we teach kids everything they need to know to put together a winning BattleBot.  For juniors (ages 4-8), we provide students with robot foundations that have been pre-built to navigate in the battle arena, and we help them to add weapons and armor. For seniors (ages 9-14), we provide kits for Robot Academy BattleBots that aren’t yet built, and we help the kids to customize their robots as they go.   Students will also complete individual building and programming activities and win ribbons and prizes.

1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Ticket Prices
Camp Tuition (per student)125
OPTIONAL: Late Pick-up (per student)10
OPTIONAL: Robot Academy T-Shirt 10
Location Ashville, OH (5075 South Union Street, South Bloomfield, OH) at Pickaway Place
5075 South Union Street,
South Bloomfield, , OH