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FLL Masterclass – List of Modules/Units Included

Each unit contains multiple fast-paced instructional videos along with additional resources such as EV3 programming files, LEGO Digital Designer files and links to other material.

Please note that additional units will be added to each module as the season progresses (in response to student questions) and Module 8 will be added as well after topics are selected by a student vote.

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Module 1 Key Concepts and Strategies
Welcome! This module introduces important concepts and sets the stage for everything that's to come.
Unit 1 Kickoff Video / Masterclass Intro
Unit 2 LEGO Implement/Attachment Design
Unit 3 Finding a Winning Strategy (Navigation, Mission Prioritization, Etc.)
Unit 4 Intro to Robot Base/Chassis Design
Unit 5 The Art of Robot Handling
Module 2 Mechanical Design and Testing for FLL
Learn secrets and strategies that will help you build reliable and effective LEGO attachments for your robots.
Unit 1 Mechanical Alignment: The Ultimate Success Strategy
Unit 2 Efficient and Effective Testing Strategies
Unit 3 Q/A: Special LEGO Pieces and Where to Find Them
Unit 4 Using LEGO Digital Designer to Share Ideas
Module 3 EV3 Programming for FLL
Learn to program robot missions quickly and effectively.
Unit 1 Basic EV3 Programming Overview and Orientation
Unit 2 Michael's Mission Programming Method
Module 4 Advanced Robot Base/Chassis Design and Construction
A stable, accurate, and reliable robot base/chassis is foundational to FLL success. Learn some of the best practices for building world-class robot bases.
Unit 1 Robot Chassis Design 201: Fun Demo Video
Unit 2 Robot Chassis Design 202: Drivetrain
Unit 3 Robot Chassis Design 203: Friction / "Free Wheels"
Unit 4 Robot Chassis Design 204: Optimal Weight Distribution
Module 5 Intermediate EV3 Programming Techniques for FLL
More programming! These are skills you need to master if you want to design reliable programs.
Unit 1 Using Sensors Effectively
Unit 2 Using Math Blocks and Variable Blocks (with Data Wires)
Module 6 More Mechanical Design Concepts
Learn about specialized mechanisms and gadgets.
Unit 1 Designing and Using Ratchet Mechanisms
Unit 2 Using Gears for FLL
Unit 3 Designing and Using a "One-Way Door"
Unit 4 Analysis/Dissection of a World-Class Robot
Module 7 Expert-Level EV3 Programming Concepts and Techniques for FLL
Learn special techniques that will take your programming to the next level...
Unit 1 When to Use "Unregulated" Motor Blocks
Unit 2 Building "Smart Turn" Subroutines for Precision Navigation
Unit 3 Organizing your Programs and Streamlining your Process
Unit 4 Prepping your Programs for Tech Judging
Module 8 Tutorials in Response to Student Questions
Submit your questions by emailing!
Unit 1 Coming Soon

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