LEGO Robot "BattleBot" Birthday Parties in Seattle, WA

So, your child loves LEGOs, and thinks robots are pretty cool...

Welcome to the coolest birthday party experience of all time! We help kids build real, working LEGO BattleBots and "fight to the death" (the robots fight, not the kids...)

No prior experience with LEGO robotics is necessary! We have 15+ years experience teaching LEGO robotics at summer camps, after-school programs, and events. We use that experience to help each kid have a fun, confidence-building experience with robotics.


Cost: $395 for a maximum of 10 party attendees (+$20 for each additional attendee)

Ages: 4-14 (recommended)

Locations: These parties are typically hosted at private homes. Our robot battle arena is portable - all we need is a minimum of 10-15 square feet to set it up. Travel charges may apply for venues 20+ miles from our Greenwood office.

Time: Plan for 2 hours, including ~15 minutes of setup time.

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Corporate Address

200 East Campus View
Robot Academy, LLC
7511 Greenwood Ave North, Unit 4064
Seattle, WA 98103

Note: Most of our camps and events are held at other venues