LEGO Robotics Masterclass

An online professional development resource for teachers (or students) who want to master LEGO robotics. Created by a professional robotics teacher and former FIRST Lego League world champion.


Quickly Grasp
Key Concepts

Master the fundamentals by watching these engaging, hands-on demos. Review "best practices" and rapidly assimilate all the knowledge you need. You'll be building amazing robots in no time.


Build Alongside
The Master

Learn the true art and science of LEGO robot creation by following our Head Instructor as he creates designs from scratch. This is a masterclass, not an instruction manual... learn to think like a master.



LEGO EV3 Programming can be frustrating, especially when data wires and math blocks come into play. These streamlined demos and walkthroughs teach you everything you need to know.

Learn From The Best

MeCakeSqMichael Vawter (Head Instructor) won 1st place Robot Performance at the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) World Festival in 2005 and 2006. 10,000+ teams from 39 countries competed against him, but no one could design a robot more reliable and accurate than his.

Michael co-founded the Robot Academy in 2006 and (with the help of some business-savvy friends) invented the concept of LEGO robotics summer camps. Robot Academy's summer camps and afterschool programs have graduated thousands of students in the Central Ohio area, and its online programs are now changing the industry once again.

Michael has been featured in Popular Science Magazine, Columbus CEO Magazine and the National Gallery for Young Inventors. He published peer-reviewed psychophysics research at Denison University in 2011 and went on to earn a masters in entrepreneurship and innovation.

In his ongoing career as a robotics teacher, Michael helps students and teachers to analyze and solve technological problems more creatively by integrating their right-brain and left-brain capacities.

Learning Objectives

  • Design uniquely robust and capable robot bases (chassis) that drive straight and complete tasks
  • Design and build LEGO mechanisms/attachments that solve challenges reliably
  • Maximize "mechanical alignment" to achieve serious reliability for important robot missions
  • Ensure reliability of systems by employing real-world scientific testing methods
  • Learn to create streamlined LEGO EV3 programs that accomplish basic challenges reliably - understand the core building blocks of programs and how to use them
  • Become comfortable with advanced EV3 Programming concepts - understand data wires, variables, multi-threading etc.

Success Stories

"[My son] has always been great with LEGO, but now he's starting to talk like a little inventor. I'm always hearing about tests and prototypes." -Crystal

"I manage the robotics program at [private elementary school]. This course is remarkably thorough and easy to follow. I no longer have to worry that the kids will know more than me!" -Ron

"I took a chance with this curriculum and I couldn't be happier with the result. We have a wide age range [at robotics club], so I was worried some of the lectures wouldn't land. It was great. Michael's explanations are straightforward but also very deep, so there's something for everyone. I was jealous that the kids got to build everything!" -Jeanette

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