Position: Online Robot Genius

David is a Mechanical Engineering Senior at George Fox University. David has experience teaching online LEGO® Mindstorms, LEGO® Spike Prime, Arduino LEGO® Robot and mBot2. All throughout grade school, he participated in First LEGO® League as both a team leader and later in high school and college as an Assistant Coach. When not working on School work or helping with LEGO® robotics, David works as a Lab Technician in the Prototype Lab where he helps train new students how to use the 3D printers and other machines in the lab. David is a huge Star Wars fan with fond memories of building Lego sets with his dad and play LEGO® Star Wars games for the first time. This love of Star Wars has led to many projects using Arduinos and LEGO® EV3s based around the franchise (LEGO® R2D2 was a more recent one). In general, he loves teaching students the fun side of Engineering and how to look at the world through an engineering mindset and is excited to share his experience in LEGO® robotics and engineering with students at Robot Academy.