Build Awesome LEGO Robots at Home

An online video series and community for kids who want to get the most out of LEGO Mindstorms

Have a LEGO robotics set at home? Empower your kid to build working robots without the instructions manual. Our online tutorial video series is action-packed and gives kids all the insight and know-how they need to turn dreams into reality with LEGO robotics.

Who is it for?

  • You have a LEGO Robotics set at home (or you’re getting one)
  • Your kid is excited about robotics
  • You want your kid to be able to get t a point they can imagine contraptions in their mind’s eye, build/program them from scratch without your help, and have them actually WORK
  • Maybe your kid has already invented a few robots on their own but has hit a few roadblocks and wants to improve their skills, or maybe your kid is just starting out with robotics and is completely overwhelmed

A proven, step-by-step system for becoming a LEGO Robotics mastermind

This course is 100% kid-friendly, with action-packed explainer videos filmed in a “Bill Nye the Science Guy” style and in-depth tutorial videos filmed up close in Michael’s robotics lab. This program makes it SUPER easy for kids to stay engaged and to follow a structure while learning about robotics. To increase your probably of success even further, we’ve created a private facebook group for the parents of our students (students can post too, if you’re cool with that). Receive support from the community and from Michael himself, who will be responding to pots.


Quickly Grasp
Key Concepts

Master the fundamentals by watching these engaging, hands-on demos. Review "best practices" and rapidly assimilate all the knowledge you need. You'll be building amazing robots in no time.


Build Alongside
The Master

Learn the true art and science of LEGO robot creation by following our Head Instructor as he creates designs from scratch. This is a masterclass, not an instruction manual... learn to think like a master.



LEGO EV3 Programming can be frustrating, especially when data wires and math blocks come into play. These streamlined demos and walkthroughs teach you everything you need to know.

Learn From The Best

MeCakeSqThe Robot Guy (a.k.a. Michael Vawter) was lead programmer, builder, tester, and handler for the MindStorm Troopers FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team. They competed for four years, becoming the first team ever to win 1st place Robot Performance at the FLL World Festival two years in a row (2005 and 2006). The team also won the 2nd place Chamipon’s Award (best overall) in 2005 and 3rd place Champion’s in 2006 at the World Festival. Michael co-founded the Robot Academy in 2006, and has taught thousands of students. He's been featured in Popular Science Magazine, was on TV with Bill Nye the Science Guy, and was inducted into the National Gallery for Young Inventors. He published peer-reviewed psychophysics research at Denison University in 2011 and went on to earn a masters degree in entrepreneurship and innovation.

The course begins on Jan 15, 2018, and enrollment will close. Enroll prior to Dec 25, and we'll include a free onboarding and robot troubleshooting call with Michael himself to make sure you're equipped to maximize these resources for the enjoyment and education of your child. Kids are welcome to join in on the call to ask Michael questions as well!

The price for enrollments prior to Dec 5 is $197. Use the PayPal button below to register instantly!

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