1 Private Lesson + LEGO/Arduino mBot Robot Set



Private Lessons with our Robot Genius (Engineering Instructor – College age or older) + LEGO Robot Arduino Set

LEGO Robot Arduino shipped to your home immediately after purchase – students keep the robot after camp.

This bundle includes:

INTERACTIVE LESSON: Personalized 1:1 instruction for one hour with a Virtual Robot Genius for ages 5 to 14 years old.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: 1 hour lesson scheduled when you want it.

ROBOT: LEGO Robot Arduino shipped to the address on the registration.  Robot shipped to your home before the class.

Required Materials

  1. Computer with reliable internet access (iPads and phones can show our screen but student can’t program on it)
  2. Robot shipped to your home. Students keeps the LEGO robot. Decorative LEGOs not included with the robot.

Please have the students on a computer with a microphone such as a laptop (or have a phone with desktop or laptop for audio).  Please have the kids ready with their robot and LEGOs.  This camp is interactive with instructors so parents do not need to help, but please be reachable if there is a problem that requires your help such as a password for your computer.  You may want to reset your password to one that you can share with your child if they are borrowing your laptop or desktop for the camp.

We will be using Zoom for the online class.  The link and meeting ID are emailed the day before the camp.  We will have waiting room enabled in order to do attendance before admitting your child into the camp.  Please make sure that your child has a computer so that they can click on the Zoom link and see us as well as our videos.  Please avoid using an iPad or Chromebook so that the student can program.  It is possible to program on the iPad or Chromebook but it can require extra attention and students have had more problems with it.  Please reset your child’s Zoom ID to their name instead of the parent’s name, if possible so that I see who is in the waiting room.

Please note, your child(ren) may need to use the phone for the audio if they do not have a microphone on computer.  They can access zoom on computer for video, and dial in on the phone for audio.

Students learn at a fast pace with individual lessons focused on what the student wants to learn.  Students build the robot of their choice or follow our curriculum.