CICA-RA Financial Literacy and STEM Modules

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CICA-RA Cost Benefit Analysis Module (per student)

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CICA-RA Market Research and Marketing Module (per student)

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CICA-RA BattleBots Rumble Competition Module (per student)

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CICA-RA Return on Investment Module (per student)

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CICA-RA Learning Management System Set-Up Fee (per student/teacher)

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CICA/Robot Academy High School/Middle School Course – Essential Financial Literacy for Graduation and Beyond

In a world where financial literacy is a critical skill, CICA/Robot Academy stands at the forefront, offering a transformative curriculum designed to exceed the evolving demands of financial education. With financial literacy becoming a requirement in 23 states for high school graduation (49 state require some form of a Financial Literacy course), our curriculum not only fulfills this obligation but also goes beyond, preparing students to thrive in the dynamic financial landscape.

Key Financial Literacy Statistics*:

  • The average US adult rates their financial knowledge as 6.2 out of 10.
  • 33.4% of Americans turn to professionals for financial guidance.
  • Annually, the US government allocates around $670 million to reduce financial illiteracy.
  • In 2020, Americans lost $415 billion because of poor financial literacy.
  • 87% of teenagers in the US admit not understanding their finances.
  • 48% of high-schoolers say they learn about investing from social media.
  • 51.4% of high-schoolers feel that money management was the course that would most benefit their lives.

Our curriculum seamlessly integrates mandatory financial literacy with hands-on robotics, enhancing student engagement and retention. This unique approach not only enriches the learning experience but also provides exclusive access to McGraw Hill content and CICA’s cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS).

What Our Curriculum Offers:

  1. Fulfillment of State-Required Financial Literacy: Aligned with nationwide financial literacy standards, our curriculum ensures compliance with the financial literacy requirements of 49 states for high school graduation.
  2. Hands-On Robotics Integration: Utilizing Robot Academy or Makeblock robots that your school has purchased, our curriculum brings a practical and interactive dimension to financial education.
  3. Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide: Easy implementation is at the core of our curriculum, with a detailed teacher’s guide providing step-by-step instructions for a smooth learning journey.
  4. LMS Integration: Our curriculum utilizes a state-of-the-art Learning Management System for seamless compliance reporting, turn-key content delivery including videos and worksheets, tracking student progress with leader-boards, and more.
  5. Cost-Effective and Certified: CICA is a Certified Continuing Education (CE) provider for numerous financial designations worldwide, including CFA, CFP, CAIA, CMT, and more.

CICA-RA Financial Literacy and STEM Modules

  1. CICA-RA Cost-Benefit Analysis Module
  2. CICA-RA Market Research and Marketing Module
  3. CICA-RA BattleBots Rumble Competition Module
  4. CICA-RA Return on Investment Module


For a limited time, we are offering discounted pricing on our curriculum (sale price reflected) until 1/15/24.

Join us in empowering tomorrow’s leaders with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of personal finance. Together, let’s contribute to building a financially savvy and empowered society.

* Radic, D, Djordjevic & N. (2023, February 27).  Astonishing Financial Literacy Statistics for 2023. Moneyzine.