Jr. SCRATCH Coding with LEGO Robotics (no robot needed) | Tuesday, Dec 21 | 5-7pm EST, 2-4pm PST



SCRATCH Coding with LEGO Robotics (No robot needed)

Live Interactive Programming and Building Robots to Solve Problems Around the House: Students complete programming and building of robot to solve problems around the house with the robot. Students build and program robots to accomplish problem-solving missions around the house such as picking up LEGOs, giving a treat to a pet, or delivering the TV Remote.

AGES: Students grouped according to age and experience:  Jr Camp (7 to 9 years old) and Sr Camp (10 to 15 years old).  Students under 7 years old can participate in Jr camp with a parent available to help. 

INTERACTIVE: Personalized instruction blended with social time and self-paced building/programming time means your student will be happy and engaged throughout the week.  Instructor to student ratio is 1 to 6 with 1 to 1 attention when needed.  Fun video demonstrations (accessed on-demand via an online portal) empower kids to learn real building and programming techniques on their schedule. Access to the Robot Guy (two-time FIRST LEGO League world champion) and Virtual Robot Geniuses for troubleshooting help enables kids to succeed with their creations. Kids learn to become self-motivated inventors, designers, developers, and engineers. There is truly no better way to prepare them for a love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING: Our mission is to help kids develop their skills with LEGO robotics to the point where it can become true creative outlet, a profoundly educational hobby/obsession, and a path to future learning in STEM fields. We’ve seen this happen for hundreds of kids, and we know that your student can get there too. We’ve devised a system of Levels to help support students’ development, and to make the process fun. This Level system also makes it easy to pick up where you left off when you show up for a second week of LEGO Robot Camp.

FUN WITH FRIENDS: We allow one registration per robot/computer/household/age group (Jr or Sr) since the Instructors are helping your child successfully program and build the robot. Your child can have siblings and friends work together on one robot/computer for one registration free. If two computers, then two registrations. Invite friends and/or relatives that work well with your child (and you have not been social distancing from family). When camp starts, your child will then be put into a breakout room with instructor(s) and a small group of students their age to allow for interaction. We have kids from around the world! They will be asked to do a LEGO Welcome Challenge while all the students are admitted. Please make sure your child has a bin of LEGOs as well as a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot when camp starts every day.

KEYS TO SUCCESS: Our programs teach kids how to become real-world problem-solvers and innovators using the LEGO Mindstorms robotics set. Our instructors, called Robot Geniuses, will be working with your child(ren) interactively to build and program their robot to do their work for them around the house (clean their room, feed the pet/stuffed animal, etc). We are SO excited to teach your child creative problem solving. Our Robot Geniuses have won Robotics and Invention competitions and are our Robotics Rock Stars. It is required that your child have a LEGO Mindstorms set so that they can build awesome robot to do their work for them (it is worth the investment). Your child can rent a robot from us if you live in Ohio.


SCHEDULE: (2.25 hours):

Welcome Breakout Session and Introduction (45 minutes) The Robot Guy (Bill Nye the Science Guy of LEGO Robotics) video explains new challenge for the day with fun presentations. The Robot Guy and Coach Vawter celebrate students success from the previous day with students who demo their robot or play video of robot.

Breakout Session (1.25 hour) Students build and program the LEGO Robotics Challenge and receive troubleshooting help from instructor. Group collaborates challenges with problem-solving. Students complete programming of robot to solve problems around the house with the robot. Students program robots to accomplish problem-solving missions around the house such as picking up LEGOs or delivering the TV Remote. An instructor is available for one on one help for troubleshooting

Celebration (15 minutes) Celebration of students success with The Robot Guy!

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Intro to Coding for Robotics (no robot required!)


Junior (Ages 7-9)