Professional Development Bundle 2
(4 robots, 3 hrs, certificate)


Bundle Includes:

  • 3 hours of live professional development training with Robot Academy
  • 4 Robot Academy LEGO Arduino Robot sets
  • 4 Robot Academy Bins
  • 80 Technic LEGO pieces
  • Robot Academy Teacher Certificates (for each teacher in attendance)

Optional Add-Ons


  • Official Robot Academy Teacher Certification Program
  • 3 Professional Development Hours for training on Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robot curriculum taught to individual teacher, or entire staff.
  • 4 Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robots with Robot Academy Storage Bin. Robots are reusable for numerous years of use.  Robot parts are not consumable or disposable.
  • Technic™ LEGO® pieces with Robot Academy bins (80 pieces and 1 bin per robot set).
  • Figure 8 Challenge Mat.
  • Coding platform for beginners using Scratch. Coding with Arduino C or Python available for experienced coders.  All the robots are compatible with Chromebook, PC, MAC and iPad. The one-stop programming platform is designed for STEAM education for all ages (K-12) and levels by supporting both block-based and textual programming languages.