Robot Academy mBot2 LEGO Powered Arm (mBot2 not included)


Add a third motor to the mBot2 for delivering, dropping, and retrieving items.  The possibilities for creative problem-solving are endless with this third motor on the LEGO mBot2.  Just add LEGOs!


Convert your Makeblock mBot2 into a powerful LEGO Robot with the Robot Academy mBot2 LEGO Technic Powered Arm.  This kit will allow your students to build on the robot with technic LEGOs.  Your students can use the third motor on top to smash the other robots during BattleBot (a popular favorite) or drop objects or pick them up.  Lots of possibilities for mechanical design.  Buy 6 or more kits and receive the Robot Academy BattleBot lesson plans from our video curriculum.   Receive servo and LEGOs attached to the robot that are pictured.  Exact color may vary.   Installing the powered arm is quick and easy.  It attaches to one of the servo ports.  Detailed instructions come with that explain how to attach it and program it.  Robot sold separately.