LEGO Robotics Camps, Events and Workshops in Columbus, Ohio

We empower kids to become engineers, programmers, inventors and entrepreneurs... all while having FUN with like-minded kids and inspiring instructors. We still have space in our Spring/Summer camps - sign up today!

We Build Confidence!
Each student wins a special trophy, ribbon or medal by accomplishing hands-on robotics challenges (with the help of our talented and patient instructors)

Ultra-Qualified Instructors:
Many of instructors have won international awards for LEGO robotics, and all have passed background checks.

Proven Curriculum:
Founded in 2006, the Robot Academy has helped thousands of young students to engage passionately with science and tech. Many of our students have gone on to win national science championships!

Emphasis on FUN!
With activities that stimulate and educate, we show kids that robotics/engineering can be super fun!students welcomed.

Individual Attention:
6:1 ratio of students to instructors.

Camps for Ages 4-8, or 9-16:
We group our students by age and provide extra guidance and encouragement to whomever needs it. Senior campers are given harder challenges and additional freedom, but both camps receive one-on-one help from instructors.

All Skill Levels:
Beginners and Advanced

Columbus' ORIGINAL and longest-running LEGO Robotics Camp

Robot Academy hosts a variety of technology camps in locations around Columbus, for example, Dublin, Gahanna, New Albany, and Westerville.  At these action-packed summer tech camps, kids age 4-16 design, build, and program working LEGO robots (using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 & NXT) and invent contraptions using 3D Modeling/Printing. It's the ultimate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) experience.

What's unique about our Summer STEM Camps? First of all, they're FUN! Our goal is to encourage and uplift our students, so we make sure every camp activity is ridiculously fun. Secondly, we're the only STEM camp that combines Inventing and 3D Printing with LEGO Robotics. We're also the only STEM camp that's taught by actual world champion robot-builders and technology teachers (all teachers have passed background checks). We have the best student:teacher ratio in the industry (6:1), and this one-on-one interaction with students helps us to customize camp activities to the skill level of individual students. Our students leave camp saying things like "this was the best day of my life!" and "I want to be an engineer!"

Is your child a Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or Cub Scout? Cool! Our Full-Day summer camps fulfill the requirements for a robotics badge. Schedule a 2-hour BattleBot event at your meeting location to earn a Girl Scout STEM badge or Boy/Cub Scout Robotics badge.

Is your child interested in FIRST Lego League (FLL)? Many of our instructors and camp graduates have won international FLL championships. We work with ERCO (Educational Robotics of Central Ohio) to form FLL Teams for our camp graduates. Our 5-Day, Full-Day camp prepares prospective FLL students for success by providing them with a solid foundation in robotics, inventing, and teamwork (the three core judging categories of FLL). Camp graduates are invited to a separate meeting in August where we plan for the FLL season and form teams.

2019 Camps with Seats Available:

2-Day Camps

April 6-7: LEGO Robot BattleBot Camp in Dublin

April 27-28: LEGO Robot BattleBot Camp in Ashville

October 5-6: LEGO Robot BattleBot Camp in Ashville

November 16-17: LEGO Robot BattleBot Camp in Dublin

5-Day Camps

June 17-21: Jr and Sr LEGO Robot BattleBot Engineering, Invention, and 3D Printing Camps (AM, PM and All Day) in Dublin

July 8-12: Jr and Sr LEGO Robot BattleBot Engineering, Invention, and 3D Printing Camps (AM, PM and All Day) in Gahanna

July 22-26: Jr and Sr LEGO Robot BattleBot Engineering, Invention, and 3D Printing Camps (AM, PM and All Day) in Westerville

Which camp style would benefit your child most?

5 Full Days (9:30a-4:30p): $495

Lego BattleBot Engineering, Invention and 3D Printing MegaCamp
Our most popular option for budding engineers who love LEGO. This camp combines our 5-day morning and afternoon camps with a supervised lunch break in-between. Students win trophies, medals and ribbons to reward their achievements. Learn 3D Printing, Compete in an epic BattleBot championship, practice EV3 programming, and invent new robot designs. Everything you need to become a Lego Robot Master Builder!

Register for Ages 4-9 Register for Ages 9-16

5 Mornings (9:30p-12:30p): $249

Lego Robotics InventionLAB and 3D Printing Camp
Bring your ideas to life! We teach 'rapid prototyping', a technique that involves quickly building prototypes of invention ideas using cardboard, Legos or 3D printers. Kids design and build custom inventions with the help of their instructor and then present their prototypes to a Shark Tank panel (like on the TV show!) Kids enjoy presenting killer pitches to the judges with the help of their new friends and reaping the rewards (we give the students a lot of tips and talk them through their pitches in advance to make sure they're successful). Our instructors have won international invention competitions, so your kids are learning from the best.

Register for Ages 4-9 Register for Ages 9-16

5 Afternoons (1:30p-4:30p): $249

Lego BattleBot Building/Programming Camp
This camp features our famous BattleBot championship, where student-made robots "battle to the death". With the help of world champion instructors, students will learn to program BattleBots in the Mindstorms EV3 language using sensors and logic. Beginners (and younger students) will master basic programming, while experienced programmers (and older students) will learn more advanced techniques for ensuring the success of their BattleBots. Bring your camera to the award ceremony to capture the moment of your child winning a medal for individual hands-on accomplishments at the camp.

Register for Ages 4-9 Register for Ages 9-16

2 Afternoons (1:30p-4:30p): $125

BattleBot Camp
Kids build and program Lego robots to compete in a BattleBot championship! The robots will battle “to the death”, and the designers of the "last robot standing” for each round will win ribbons. No experience necessary - we teach kids everything they need to know to put together a winning BattleBot. Students will also complete individual building and programing activities.

Register (All Ages)

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Upcoming Camps, Events and Workshops in Columbus, OH

Lego Robot BattleBot Camp in Dublin11/16/2019 to 11/17/20191:30 PM-4:30 PM2-Day LEGO BattleBot Camp (JR or SR, $125)Dublin, OH (565 Metro Place S.) Dublin Entrepreneurial Center Register

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