Makeblock xTool

Easy-to-use, smart, powerful, and fast laser engravers & cutters for home, business, and school.

I'm Looking For...

I'm Looking For...

xTool + Robots

Get a fleet of robots for your school along with your xTool (at discounted pricing!)

xTool Accessories

Clean and safe. xTool accessories help you create greater work.


Authorized Makeblock Distributor for USA

Why MakeBlock?

  1. Students learn coding and mechanical design simultaneously, whereas competing products only teach coding
  2. LEGO-compatibility at a fraction of the price of LEGO-brand products
  3. Program with Scratch or Python
  4. Easy-to-build options for a variety of ages
  5. Lifetime customer support and 1 yr warranty
  6. Used in over 25,000 schools

Why MakeBlock + Robot Academy?

  1. Option to pay with P.O. (Purchase Order)
  2. Quantity discounts (contact us)
  3. Game-changing LEGO add-ons and mods from Robot Academy
  4. All items are in stock with quick shipping
  5. Optional Hands-on, Project-based Lesson Plans and Video Curriculum Kits
  6. Robot Academy will match any current price on and