xTool F1 Ultra 20W Fiber & Diode Dual Laser Engraver


  • Fiber& diode dual laser supports almost all materials
  • 20W Fiber supports deep engraving, embossing, and thin metal cutting
  • Smart Camera with Auto Streamline Production, finish a batch in minutes
  • 220mm*220mm the largest desktop fiber engraves large HD photo
  • 10000mm/s speed with multiple safety features, perfect for quick on-site customization

xTool Smoke Purifier

RA2 Pro for xTool P2, S1, F1, D1 Pro, and M1

RA2 Pro


xTool F1 Ultra

World’s First 20W Fiber & 20W Diode Laser Engraver

We combined the abilities of two lasers in the F1 Ultra: a fiber laser for its exceptional metal engraving performance and a blue diode laser for engraving the most common materials.

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Always Ready to Create with Control Panel

No computer and internet? No problem! The F1 Ultra touchable control panel stores 7GB of project files and independently controls F1 Ultra to engrave or cut.

World’s First 20W Fiber & 20W Diode Dual Laser

We combined the abilities of two lasers in the xTool F1 Ultra: a fiber laser for its exceptional metal engraving performance and a blue diode laser for engraving the most common materials.

Work on Almost All Materials

Machine Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the laser type of F1 ultra? Is it True Fiber?

F1 ultra is a dual laser. It has 20W fiber and 20W galvo blue diode laser. F1 Ultra can engrave Almost ALL Common Materials in daily life. Diode lasers perform best on wood, acrylic, leather, slate, glass, ceramic, etc., while fiber lasers can engrave clearly on all-metals(stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, iron, platinum) and plastic.

And yes, F1 Ultra is a true fiber. The F1 Ultra uses an IR (infrared laser) as its laser source, while the fiber (diode-pumped fiber laser) serves as the gain medium. Both are essential components for generating laser light.

Each laser light is produced when the laser source strikes the gain medium, which then amplifies the intensity of the laser beam. Unlike the S1 & F1 models and other common IR lasers on the market that use DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state laser) as the gain medium, the F1 Ultra leverages a fiber gain medium to maximize laser power. This results in deeper engraving and cutting at the same power level.

  • How’s F1 Ultra’s Performance on Metal? Can it Cut Metal?

F1 Ultra can deeply engrave, emboss and even cut metal. F1 ultra can cut 0.4mm brass, 0.3mm stainless steel and 0.2mm aluminum sheet.

  • Will F1 Ultra be compatible with the accessory of F1?

F1 Ultra will be compatible with RA2 Pro. For the smoke purifier, we recommend using the xTool smoke purifier for its larger filters and longer purification lifespan.

  • What is the difference between F1 and F1 Ultra?

F1 Ultra:
Most Efficient Batch Engraving on almost all materials: 
F1 Ultra has both 20W Fiber and 20W Diode Laser with its super speed 10000mm/s, 220*220mm engraving area and auto streamline™ production
Versatile Jewelry Making:F1 Ultra has 20W fiber, which can do deep metal engraving, embossing, thin metal cutting

Craft Fair Must-Have: 
F1 is the mini size of F1 Ultra, Its compact size makes it portable to bring it to craft fair. With its 2W Infrared laser with 10W diode laser and 4000mm/s, F1 can do customize engraving on almost anything quickly onsite.
DIY Starter: F1 is fun to play and has minimal learning curve, it also has relatively lower price to purchase