xTool F1 Laser Engraver Education Bundle


xTool F1 Robot Academy Education Bundle

Robot Academy Education Bundle

xTool_M1-10w Deluxe (RA2 Pro)

Smoke Purifier

Teachers Guide for xTool

Video Curriculum for easy on-boarding

xTool Coaching (1 hour Professional Development via zoom)

Education Materials Kit with templates and settings for quick success: Dog tags,Basswood, Plant markers and more

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Slide Extension for F1

Slide Extension for F1

Desktop Air Purifier for F1

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xTool F1: Fastest Portable Laser Engraver with IR + Diode Laser

Two Powerful Lasers in One Machine

The world’s first laser engraver that integrates a 2W 1064nm infrared laser with a 10W 455nm diode laser.

xTool F1

Laser Engraving

Dual lasers combine the advantages of the two, bringing the best engraving
result and expanding the range of material that can be engraved. 

10W Blue Diode Laser

2W IR 1064 Laser

Laser Cutting

The 10W blue laser gives the F1 enough power to
directly cut materials after engraving.

Up to 8mm Wood

Up to 5mm Acrylic

Machine Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Compared to the counterpart from other brands, what are the merits of F1? 

The fastest of its kind: 4000 mm/s! Top one in speed: We made it because we adopted the industrial grade galvo system. And we upgraded the algorithm of F1 to calculate the fastest possible path to engrave each and every pattern. For 5 secs, make a metal business card; 1 sec, make a paper card; 6 secs, make a leatherette patch. 
The finest of its kind, exceptional high accuracy: F1 can reach 0.00199mm motion accuracy and 0.000248mm repetition accuracy! Thanks to the photoelectric sensor and hypersensitive magnets inside the F1 galvo system, xTool F1 can quickly respond and correct the position signal to its most accurate placement.
The world’s first TRUE dual laser in a machine: xTool F1 combines 10W diode laser and 2W infrared laser inside the machine and can be seamlessly switch automatically during processing.
Safe fully-enclosed machine: The cover of the xTool F1 can be fully enclosed and can block all the smoke and smell, leaving a clean and odorless working environment. The cover can also block laser lights and protect your eyes.

  • How do the dual lasers work in F1?What materials can it engrave?

xTool F1 has both 10W 455nm blue/diode laser and 2W 1064nm infrared laser to engrave Almost ALL common materials in daily life. Diode lasers perform best on wood, acrylic, leather, slate, glass, ceramic, etc., while infrared lasers can engrave clearly on all-metals(stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, iron, platinum) and plastic.
Notice that, it only emits diode laser or infrared laser SOLELY (not at the same time) each time. Set or switch the laser source inside FREExTool creative Space software.

  • How deep can xTool F1 cut?

The 10w diode laser cuts 8 mm basswood and 6 mm black acrylic.