xTool S1 40W Education Bundle


xTool S1 40W  Robot Academy Education Bundle

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Teachers Guide for xTool

Video Curriculum for easy on-boarding

xTool Coaching (1 hour Professional Development via zoom)

Education Materials Kit with templates and settings for quick success: Dog tags, Basswood, Plant markers and more


xTool S1 –  Available in 20W and 40W versions – Pricing for 40W



Smarter, Easier, Revolutionary tech


xTool S1 uses novel encoders and algorithms to establish a precise absolute coordinate layout and display the laser module’s position in real time in the software.


Twin-point positioning, camera-like precision.

Discover xTool’s unique Twin-point positioning technology. Achieving pattern placement with precision rivaling camera methods, all with unmatched ease and accuracy.

Center point made simple

Track the laser movement live via our software, ensuring your design is flawlessly centered and executed to perfection.

Dynamic-focus engraving: perfect on uneven surfaces.

xTool S1 boasts a cutting-edge intelligent focusing system for multi-point focus ranging and 3D object automation. Its electric Z-axis dynamically refines focus, delivering a perfect engraving effect like a plane.

Auto-focus: mastery in every outcome.

The xTool S1 offers computer-level precision focus measurement and enhances cutting power by guiding the spot to lower below the cutting surface through the auto-focus system.

Your creation, limitlessly amplified.

Bed size

The xTool S1 boasts a spacious bed size measuring 23.93″×15.16″ (608*385mm). With a working area of 19.6″× 12.5″(498*319 mm), it comfortably surpasses the dimensions of an A3 paper, catering to larger projects with ease.

23.93*15.16 inches

Automated passthrough: length, redefined.

xTool S1 comes with an optional Automatic Conveyor Feeder, unlocking expansive creativity up to 3000mm with auto passthrough. It guarantees precise and easy management of larger materials.

Rotary engraving.

When paired with the optional RA2 Pro rotary attachment, The S1 is able to intricatly engrave on items like tumblers, mugs, and rings, turning each piece into a work of art.

Maximized height. Maximized potential.

The riser base boosts xTool S1’s elevation, accommodating engraving on objects up to 133.5mm tall and fueling boundless creativity.

Smart air assist.

The air assist automatically adjusts the size of the air flow according to the processing status to achieve the best results, helping to process and create perfect results.

Machine Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which module should I choose, 40W or 20W?

If you are pursuing efficiency and have higher cutting requirements, please choose the 40W option; if you do more engraving jobs and have no demand for efficiency or cutting capabilities, then the 20W is suitable for you.

Specifically, the 40W can cut 18mm cherry wood, 15mm dark opaque acrylic, and 0.1mm stainless steel in one pass, while the 20W can cut 10mm cherry wood, 8mm dark opaque acrylic, and 0.04mm stainless steel in one pass. However, the 20W has a smaller laser spot (0.06mm*0.08mm) than the 40W (0.08mm*0.10mm), which means it can produce finer engraving results.

  • What materials can be engraved or cut?

Diode laser cuttable: paper, wood, leather, MDF, felt, some dark opaque acrylic

Diode laser engravable: Paper, Wood, Leather, MDF, Stainless steel, Some dark opaque acrylic, Bamboo, Fabric, Dark glass, Ceramic, Jade, Marble, Shale, Cement, Brick, Plated metal, Painted metal

1064nm Infrared Laser Engravable: Metal, Plastic, Black Acrylic