Air Assist Set for xTool M1



Why Air Assist Set?

Strong Airflow for Deeper & Faster Cutting

Guaranteed Clean Surface

Protect the Laser Lens

Low Working Noise

Why xTool M1 Air Assist Set?

 Simple Switch between 3 Modes

Laser Cutting:

Easily attach & discharge magnetic air nozzle

Laser Engraving & Blade Cutting:

Store air nozzle in air assist holder

Iron Made, Resist High Temperature

Parts List


Dimension Data
Package Size (LWH) 265*192*156mm
Product Size (LWH) 120.2*127.8*61.5mm
Product Weight  ca.1200g
Weight with Package ca.1800g
Air Flow 25-30L/min
Air Pressure 30kpa
Power 17W/16W
Voltage 110V/220V-230V