xTool P2


xTool P2 Robot Academy Education Bundle

Smoke Purifier

Teachers Guide for xTool

Video Curriculum for easy on-boarding

xTool Coaching (1 hour Professional Development via zoom)

Education Materials Kit with templates and settings for quick success: Dog tags, Basswood, Plant markers and more


xTool P2 – Smart CO2 laser cutter

Sports dual cameras, a 26*14 inches bed size, auto-passthrough, and curved surface engraving.   Cut wood, acrylic, leather, MDF, rubber, fabric, engrave on glass, ceramic, slate, coated metal, anodized aluminum, and more.

best features of xtool p2

Dual 16mp Smart Cameras

With high-accuracy live preview and auto-focus features, you can easily drag your drawings to the right place you want. Everyone can master xTool P2 in minutes.

Close-range camera: Can move with the laser head to any position and take photos to get a more precise view.

Automatic Passthrough

When equiped with the Automatic Conveyor Feeder, xTool P2 provides precision and convenience when engraving and cutting extra-large materials.

Curved Surface Engraving

xTool P2 can automatically construct 3D models of curved objects and automatically adjust focal length during processing, making the engraving result as perfect as it does on flat surfaces.

Superb Cutting Ability

xTool P2 has a powerful 55W laser tube that makes it achievable to cut 18mm black walnut and 20mm acrylic in one pass.