3D Printing Best Practices for Newcomers

3D printing, CNC machining, and rapid prototyping require high skill and experience to guarantee precision and repeatability. These intelligent manufacturing technologies help streamline production from every angle, giving countless industries the cutting-edge they need. Designers must follow these best practices to ensure optimal outcomes from their part designs.

3D printing is quickly becoming one of the most common manufacturing methods globally. It revolutionized the prototyping industry by providing a fast and accurate alternative to traditional model-making techniques. 3D printing is becoming a production choice, and 3D printed parts are everywhere; you’ll have encountered an additive manufactured part if you’ve ever seen a hearing aid or been in a car.

Countless industries rely on precision parts to ensure reliable products. This is especially true in the automotive, aerospace, and medical sectors. Parts must be fabricated based on strict ISO or other standards. That’s why it is essential for 3D printing to work towards standardization and implement best practices to move from prototyping to production and become even more valuable in today’s manufacturing supply chains.

What Is 3D printing?

3D printing is another name for additive manufacturing (AM). The modern manufacturing process fabricates three-dimensional products by adding instead of subtracting material, hence the name “additive.” Unlike traditional part fabrication, this method does not remove mass from the workpiece to create various shapes. Instead, it builds parts layer by layer and can create highly complex shapes and geometries.

This complex manufacturing technique helps product designers create physical objects from digital blueprints or CAD files. It allows fast and accurate reproduction of the 3D CAD file, allowing designers to test new designs and concepts. Understanding how the process works and why best practices are essential can help you strategize better.

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