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Module A: MicroBot

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Train-the-Trainer Video Series for Instructors and Administrators

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Section A: MicroBot

In 5 lessons, this module introduces students to the fundamentals of robotics. Students build and program a basic robot that can respond intelligently to its environment, solve challenges, and interact with other robots. The robot only has one motor and cannot turn (and is therefore easy to build and maintain), but the activities in each lesson challenge students to use sensors, mechanical implements, and strategic thinking to solve problems.

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Section B: BattleBot

This module provides a competitive framework in which students will learn to create self-contained robotic systems that can interact with other self-contained robotic systems. In BattleBot-themed challenges, robots compete to push one another out of an arena. Students must learn to create robust designs that can outlast and/or outmaneuver other robots. Some lessons focus on mechanical design, while others focus on programming. While each lesson does not necessarily involve battle, each lesson does require students to apply knowledge in a competitive setting.

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Section C: InventABot

In this module, we begin by learning and practicing building, programming, and testing techniques on simulated real-world challenge courses. Next, we apply that knowledge by creating robots that solve actual problems that students identify in their own lives. Students learn to brainstorm, identify SMART solutions, rapidly prototype, and methodically improve on their own ideas. Students learn to speak fluently about their creations by practicing for and taking part in a Mock ‘Shark Tank’. Finally, students learn how to potentially bring their products to market. InventABot helps students to become actively engaged as creators of technology rather than merely consumers.

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