LEGO Invention Camp!

LEGO Invention Camp!

Create! Collaborate! Design and Build! Hands-On STEAM Fun at Home!

Structured, Weeklong, Virtual Camp
Interactive sessions every day (several choices of sessions based on age and schedule)
plus two hours of self-paced project activites every day.

Live, interactive classroom that will engage and challenge your student.

No LEGO Robot needed
Personal Attention
Personalized instructor feedback with 1 to 6 Teacher/Student ratio.

Students will engage with the “LEGO Lady” whose teams have won numerous Invention Competitions at the National level.

Personalized feedback for entering future Invention Competitions.
Interactive Sessions Every Day
Students will create their own amazing inventions.

Students will particIpate in "Shark Tank" competitions to pitch their inventions.

Student will also have two hours of self-paced offline activities per day.
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Learn from Invention Competition Champions

The LEGO Lady (Coach Vawter) has coached science competition teams for over 15 year.  Her teams have won numerous Invention Competitions including eCybermission (3 times), Global Innovation Awards (2 times), ExploraVision, National Inventors Hall of Fame, Space Day (2 times) and FIRST Lego League (2 times).

Virtual Shark Tank

In today’s economy, it’s not enough to just have good ideas. Kids needs to be able to articulate their ideas intelligently and demonstrate that their inventions are viable. We teach students how to create and deliver an ‘elevator pitch’ (a super-short summary/explanation of their idea). We put our students to the test by having them present their ideas to a panel of experts (just like on the Shark Tank TV show but online). This is one of our highlights! Kids enjoy presenting killer pitches to the judges and reaping the rewards (we give the students a lot of tips and talk them through their pitches in advance of the Shark Tank event to make sure they’re successful).

Rapid Prototyping = Rapid Innovation

Students solve everyday problems and bring their ideas to life. We teach ‘rapid prototyping’, a technique that involves quickly building prototypes of invention ideas using cardboard, Legos or Lego Robots (not required for class). After brainstorming and identifying a solution, students ‘rapidly prototype’ by building demos of their ideas and then testing them. Students can then ‘iterate’ by looking at the test results, redesigning their prototypes, and testing some more. ‘Rapid prototyping’ and ‘iteration’ are two of the essential principles of modern entrepreneurship. Your kids will be well ahead of the curve!

Program Contents

We provide a uniquely engaging e-Learning environment for young students by employing the following:

Fun video demonstrations (accessed on-demand via an online learning system) empower kids to learn real building and programing techniques.

Interactive Invention Club sessions everyday (several choices of times to choose from to accommodate different age groups and time zones) provide structure while enabling kids to ask questions and learn from other students’ ideas.  Sessions will have a 1 to 6 teacher:student ratio.  

Kids learn to be self-motivated inventors /designers /developers /engineers.

Access to the “LEGO Lady” (Coach of Invention Competition teams winning on the National and International level) for winning inventions with tips for competition submissions.

Online sessions and goals provide just the right amount of structure, while choose-your-own-adventure challenges enable creativity and imagination.

Open-ended challenges keep kids entertained for hours each day in pursuit of the ultimate robot!


Kids 8 to 15 will watch fun videos with step-by-step instructions. Kids under 8 years old are welcome to enroll, but may need a parent or older sibling’s guidance for certain tasks, but will still have lots of independent fun and learning. 

The registration fee is per household, so it is STEM fun for all of your kids (and maybe a friend or two) which makes this the most economical way for your children to learn STEM and have a blast.

Kids will experience the same exciting Robot Guy videos that they enjoy at our in-person camps!


Students will need a computer with reliable internet access and LEGOs (technic LEGOs preferred but not required).  Students will be taught LEGO prototyping as well as Cardboard prototyping.  General materials may include cardboard, masking tape, markers, and fun accessories.