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4 Modules

Each Module Contains Video Lessons, Written Lesson Plans, and an Answer Key

Module A: Mars Rescue / Clash of Knights
Easy online instruction from The Robot Guy walks students through building their robots step by step. Students will learn basic Scratch programming and then will code and upload fun programs to the robot with lights and sounds. Then it’s time to send knights into battle with a jousting competition! Next up is a Mars Rescue where students will combine mechanical design techniques with sensor programming for an out-of-this world experience.

Module B: BattleBot / Walky-Talky Dog
Let’s add an expansion set and make a walking, talking dog! Adding musical programming to our robot gives our dog its bark. Now it’s time to build an epic BattleBot using variables to program the robot. Students can pit their bots against the others in the BattleBot ring to compete! Whose bot will win?

Module C: Build and Program Robots to Do Your Work For You
Who hasn’t fantasized about getting a robot to do work they don’t want to do themselves? Let’s make it happen! Using the Servo expansion pack, we’ll add to our programming skills. Teach the robot to feed the pet (drop), clean your room (push) and clear the table (pull). We’ll ship you a Classroom Kit (return when your license expires) with 3 robotics mats and accessories for robotics challenges.

Module D: Inventing / Creative Problem-Solving
Students can now apply all the skills they’ve learned in modules A–C to find technological solutions to real-world problems. Help students bring their ideas to life with the use of rapid prototyping: 3D Printing, Cardboard Prototyping, and LEGO Robotics. Take creative problem-solving up a notch with opportunities for students to pitch their products to the class.

Choose a Package for your School or Camp

Choose a Package for your School or Camp

Arduino LEGO Robotics Curriculum

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics Curriculum

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