BattleBot Official Competition Mat (LEGO® Robot Wars)



Robot Academy’s BattleBot Competition mat is built to last for endless BattleBot rounds.  The 4′ by 4′ mat is made out of  high density canvas that is durable and easy to roll up and store when not in use.  The robots battle in the middle of the mat and stay within the solid black line thanks to the program using the light sensor.  The robots battle inside the arena (black line) and try to push the robot into the Lava.  All the robots battle until one robot is left in the white area.  Kids have a black designing epic robots that will keep the robot from getting pushed into the Lava.

For use with any robot with a light sensor or color sensor such as the Arduino LEGO® Robot, mBot2, Codey Rocky, mBot Rander and more.  Free shipping up to $25 cost.