Robot Academy Codey Rocky LEGO Robot


Optional Add-Ons


emo robot with built-in electronic modules

Interactive LEGO Robot for Kids ages 5 to 15

Robot Academy’s exclusive LEGO Robot designed for our Lesson plans on BattleBot, Laser tag, AI and more.

Codey Rocky has 10+ built-in electronic modules which can achieve emotion express, App remote control, line-following, color detection, etc.

remodel with LEGO bricks

Remodel with LEGO Bricks

Kids will enjoy the freedom of creation to the fullest by combining Codey Rocky with LEGO technic parts or laser cutting parts.

robot toy makes coding easier

Easy to Get Started

Kids can start playing and programming right out of the box – no building required. Codey Rocky is an easy-to-use robot toy.

programmable robot

Learn Robotics and Programming

Programming with Codey Rocky is as simple as dragging and dropping blocks. It is a beginner-friendly learning robot.

coding robot for kids

Enrich Coding Activities

Codey Rocky can be applied in classroom activities such as maze games, line-following competitions, and creative design and building.

coding robot for kids

Entry-level Coding Class

Codey Rocky is designed as the best companion for coding classes to learn block-based and python programming.