Grades 3-5 Curriculum Set for LEGO Mindstorms (robots not included)


These LEGO Mindstorms curriculum sets utilize the same core challenges and activities as our LEGO Arduino curriculum sets, but the videos and materials explain how to use LEGO Mindstorms instead of LEGO Arduino.  Please note: our Arduino curriculum sets come with all the robotics kits necessary to implement the curriculum, but these Mindstorms curriculum sets DO NOT come with robots included.  If your school does not already own LEGO Mindstorms sets (at least 1 set per 4 kids), we recommend choosing one of our LEGO Arduino curriculum sets instead.  Our LEGO Arduino kits provide the same educational value as LEGO Mindstorms, at a fraction of the cost.

Optional Add-Ons



  • Engaging “Robot Guy” videos teach building/programming fundamentals, robot design strategies, kid-friendly testing methodologies, and advanced building/programming techniques. Choice of annual or lifetime license.
  • Ready-to-use lesson plans, grading rubrics, and worksheets to use with videos for Module A and B.
  • 1 BattleBot Arena Challenge Mat for Module B.
  • Two 1-hour Professional Development (PD) for Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robot curriculum taught to individual teacher, group of teachers, or entire staff. Choice of PD on Zoom (no additional cost) or In-person PD (minimum 2-hour PD, travel costs from Columbus, OH at an additional cost for in-person training).
  • Unlimited use of Robot Academy video curriculum for technology classroom, summer camp, after-school class, STEM Lab, community events, and more with choice of annual or lifetime license.
    • The annual license enables use of our classroom videos, challenge mats, and lesson plans for one year at one physical location. The license can be renewed at $750/year for each location. Additional licenses must be purchased for use at multiple locations.
    • The lifetime license enables use of our classroom videos, challenge mats, and lesson plans in perpetuity at one physical location defined in the terms of use agreement.