Robots with Lesson Plans for Module A and C without Videos:Grades K-12 STEM Curriculum with 6 Arduino LEGO® Robots and 6 Servo Sets



    • Product Description This set contains:

      • Ready-to-use lesson plans, grading rubrics, and worksheets for Module A and C.
      • 6 Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robots.  Robots are reusable for numerous years of use.  Robot parts are reusable for each student (not consumable or disposable).
      • Classroom Expansion Package for Module C with 6 Servo Expansion sets to add a third motor to the robot.
      • Figure 8 Challenge Mat.
      • Coding platform for beginners using Scratch. Coding with Arduino C or Python available for experienced coders.  All the robots are compatible with Chromebook, PC, MAC and iPad. The one-stop programming platform is designed for STEAM education for all ages (K-12) and levels by supporting both block-based and textual programming languages.
      • Robot Academy User Guide for Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robot including troubleshooting tips.
      • Module C Challenge Mat and curriculum kit at an additional cost.
      • Technic™ LEGO® pieces and Robot Academy bins not included.
      • Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robot is a STEAM education robot for beginners, that makes teaching and learning robot coding simple and fun. Students can not only build a robot from scratch and also will learn about a variety of robotic machinery and electronic parts, get to grips with the fundamentals of block-based programming, and develop their logical thinking and design skills. Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robot is ideal for classrooms, schools, or district.
      Key Product Features 1-5 Inclusive, easy to use robot for Grades K to 12:


      • Students feel comfortable building with Technic LEGO® on the robot to accomplish robotics challenges.
      • Ideal for learning the basics of programming in primary education with Scratch coding which is intuitive and easy to understand block-based programming for K to 12th grade students.
      • Our robot has four expansion ports and can connect to more than 100 kinds of electronic modules for students to learn new curriculum each year.  6 expansion sets available for years of curriculum.
      • Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robot compatible with a wide range of hardware including Chromebook, PC, MAC, iPad.
      Robot for building and coding:
      Students will learn about mechanical design by building with Technic LEGO® as well as a variety of robotic machinery and electronic parts through building and programming the robot.  Students develop their logical thinking skills through drag-and-drop coding.
      Endless invention:
      Compatible with 500+ makeblock mechanical parts, 100+ elecronic parts, LEGO® bricks,  Arduino and Raspberry Pi, this robot will bring kids lots of fun through endless invention.
      LEGO Robot ideal for classroom:
      Add Technic LEGO® bricks to bring your creative ideas to life!   Students learn mechanical design while building implements on their robots in order to accomplish exciting tasks.
      Hardware: LEGO® Robot compatible with a wide range of hardware including Chromebook, PC, MAC, iPad.
      Specifications (Optional) Sensors:Light Sensor,  IR Receiver, Button, Ultrasonic Sensor,  Line-follower   Sensor

      Other electronic modules:Buzzer, 2 LED color lights , IR Transmitter, 2 motors

      Technic LEGO® expansion set for LEGO® Robot


      Power:3.7V DC Lithium battery (rechargeable battery recommended as additional item) or  4 AA batteries  (not included), Button battery included for robot remote.


      Weight:535 grams

      Packing Method Box Packing
      Package  Dimension
      21.45*17.52*8.86 inch
      545*445*225 mm
      Product Dimension
      8.58*6.77*4.06 inch
      218*172*103 mm
      Net Weight 535 g
      18.87 oz
      Gross Weight 1153 g
      40.67 oz
      Remote Control Yes
      Battery Not included.


      Part List  (Qty. x Part Name)
      1 x  Mini Wheel Package 15 x M4*8 Hex Screw (stainless steel304) – Button Head 8 x M3 Hex Nut (stainless steel) 4 x M4*25+6 Single Head Stud
      2 x Hook & Loop Fastener (20*40mm) Pack (2 pairs) 4 x M2.2*8.5mm Tapping Screw with Washer(flat end)-Round Head 6 x  M3*25 Cross Recess Screw (stainless steel304)-Button Head 2 x USB Cable 6P6C-20cm-Black
      2 ×Low RPM TT Motor 2 x Slick Tire 2 x Plastic Timing Pulley 90T (with steps) 1 × Black 4AA Battery Holder (with heat-shrink tubing)
      Case 1 x 130 Motor Shaft Accessory Variety Pack  (2 count) 1 x  Quick Start Guide 1 x  Building Guide
      1 x Figure 8 Map 1 x Main Board 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor 1 Technic LEGO® expansion set for LEGO Robot
      1 Screwdriver 1 x USB cable for main board -Black1.3m 1 Remote Controller 1 x Line Follower Module