mBot2 Video Curriculum Bundle

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Whether you’re a curious beginner or a tech enthusiast, our step-by-step videos provide a clear path to mastering these essential skills. With each lesson, you’ll unlock new possibilities and elevate your mBot2 or mBot Neo robot to a whole new level.

mBot2 Video Curriculum: Foundations

mBot2 Video Curriculum: Artificial Intelligence

mBot2 Video Curriculum: Game Design

mBot2 Video Curriculum: Data Science

mBot2 Video Curriculum: Smart World


🤖 Unlock the Magic of Robotics with Our Comprehensive mBot2 Video Curriculum Offering

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your robot into a sensor-savvy, AI-powered marvel. Embrace this educational journey today and witness the magic of robotics and Artificial Intelligence come to life!

  1. Foundations Video Curriculum – Build and Code Your mBot2 or mBot Neo Robot with Ease!

Explore the world of robotics with our extensive video curriculum, featuring eight core videos and three exciting bonus videos. Dive into the art of building and coding your mBot2 or mBot Neo robot, unlocking its sensor capabilities—ultrasonic and light sensors—while adding a touch of fun with lights and sounds.

  1. Artificial Intelligence  – Sensor Mastery and AI Integration Video Curriculum- Unleash the Power of mBot2 and mBot Neo

Discover a world of endless possibilities with our comprehensive video curriculum designed to empower you in programming the mBot2 or mBot Neo robot. In these eight informative videos, you’ll delve into the fascinating realm of utilizing sensors, including the ultrasonic sensor, ambient light sensor, and sound sensor.

But that’s just the beginning! Our curriculum goes beyond sensors, immersing you in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Learn to code your robot to translate languages effortlessly, respond to voice commands, and even recognize speech patterns with precision.

  1. Game Design – Making Adventures with mBot Neo and mBot2: Unleash Your Creative Genius!

Dive into the exciting world of game development with mBot Neo or mBot2. Our video curriculum empowers kids to create their own video games, boosting their coding confidence and skills along the way. With plenty of engaging examples, kids will embark on a fun-filled journey into somatosensory game development. Let their imaginations soar as they harness mBot2’s incredible features to bring their coolest ideas to life. Get ready to unlock the full potential of creativity and coding prowess!

  1. Data Science – Master Sensors and Data Analytics with mBot2 and mBot Neo

Elevate your mBot2 or mBot Neo robot experience with our 8-video curriculum. Learn sensor programming (color sensor, gyroscope, ultrasonic sensor, and accelerometer) in the first four videos, then dive into data analytics in the next four. Collect, organize, and analyze data like a pro. Through fun coding projects, kids and enthusiasts alike will discover the art of visualizing data using graphs, and you can even calculate scores with exciting games like basketball, baseball, and soccer!

  1. Smart World – Introducing a Game-Changer: mBot2 Smart World Add-On Set Video Curriculum!

Unlock the future of education with our captivating four-part video curriculum, specially crafted to complement the mBot2 Smart World Add-On Set. Each video is an immersive journey into a world of limitless possibilities, where innovation meets learning.