Rechargeable Battery, Li-polymer Battery, 1800mAh for Arduino LEGO® Robot or mBot Ranger



Sale: $14.99 (not valid on previous sales, not valid with other discounts)

mBot Li-polymer battery is suitable for the Arduino LEGO Robot. It takes only 1 hour to fully charge the battery and the battery can last up to 2-5 hours in the offline mode.

Charging method: Charging via USB cable. The battery does not include a charger.


Protective cases: prevent overcharge/overdischarge/short circuit/overcurrent

Type: Li-polymer battery/Rechargeable battery

Capacity: 1800mAh

Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Charge cutoff voltage: 4.2V

Discharge cutoff voltage: 2.75V

Charging current: ≤1.0C

Discharge current: ≤1.0C

Weight: 33g Dimension: 1 * 3.5 * 5cm