Bundle 3: K-12 STEM Curriculum Classroom Videos+ Lesson Plans + Arduino LEGO® Robots



Product Description This set includes

  • Engaging “Robot Guy” videos teach building/programming fundamentals, robot design strategies, kid-friendly testing methodologies, and advanced building/programming techniques with two-year license
  • Ready-to-use lesson plans and teacher training videos to use with Classroom Supply Kit (additional charge) to make implementation easy. Each level of curriculum includes specific lesson plans and robot add-ons for each grade (K-12).
  • Complete curriculum for Module A thru D
  • 4-hour Professional Development  Arduino LEGO Robot curriculum taught to individual, class, or entire staff
  • Robot Academy Arduino LEGO Robot Classroom Set contains the 12 Arduino LEGO Robots, Robot Academy User Guide, Step by Step Video building instructions from The Robot Guy, 12 Talkative Expansion sets, 12 Servo Expansion sets, 1 BattleBot Arena mat for Module B, and 3 Robotics Mats for Module C robotics missions with Classroom Supply Kit.  Free shipping within the United States.

Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robot is a STEAM education robot for beginners, that makes teaching and learning robot coding simple and fun. Students can not only build a robot from scratch and also will learn about a variety of robotic machinery and electronic parts, get to grips with the fundamentals of block-based programming, and develop their logical thinking and design skills. Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robot is ideal for classrooms, schools, or district.

Key Product Features 1-5 Inclusive, easy to use robot for Grades K to 12:


  • Students feel comfortable building with Technic LEGO® on the robot to accomplish robotics challenges.
  • Ideal for learning the basics of programming in primary education with Scratch coding which is intuitive and easy to understand block-based programming for K to 12th grade students.
  • Curriculum included with purchase of 1 or more Robot Academy Arduino LEGO® Robots:
    •  Two (2) videos to aid teacher or classroom to build the LEGO® robot
    • Two (2) Robot Academy lesson plans for building the LEGO® Robot.
  • Our robot has four expansion ports and can connect to more than 100 kinds of electronic modules for students to learn new curriculum each year.  6 expansion sets available for years of curriculum.
  • Robot Academy Arduino LEGO Robot compatible with a wide range of hardware including Chromebook, PC, MAC, iPad.
Robot for building and coding:
Students will learn about mechanical design by building with Technic LEGO® as well as a variety of robotic machinery and electronic parts through building and programming the robot.  Students develop their logical thinking skills through drag-and-drop coding.
Endless invention:
Compatible with 500+ makeblock mechanical parts, 100+ elecronic parts, LEGO® bricks,  Arduino and Raspberry Pi, this robot will bring kids lots of fun through endless invention.
LEGO Robot ideal for classroom:
Add Technic LEGO® bricks to bring your creative ideas to life!   Students learn mechanical design while building implements on their robots in order to accomplish exciting tasks.
Hardware: LEGO® Robot compatible with a wide range of hardware including Chromebook, PC, MAC, iPad.
Specifications (Optional) Sensors:Light Sensor,  IR Receiver, Button, Ultrasonic Sensor,  Line-follower   Sensor

Other electronic modules:Buzzer, 2 LED color lights , IR Transmitter, 2 motors

Technic LEGO® expansion set for LEGO® Robot


Power:3.7V DC Lithium battery (rechargeable battery recommended as additional item) or  4 AA batteries  (not included), Button battery included for robot remote.


Weight:535 grams

Packing Method Box Packing
Package  Dimension
21.45*17.52*8.86 inch
545*445*225 mm
Product Dimension
8.58*6.77*4.06 inch
218*172*103 mm
Net Weight 535 g
18.87 oz
Gross Weight 1153 g
40.67 oz
Remote Control Yes
Battery Not included.


Part List  (Qty. x Part Name)
1 x  Mini Wheel Package 15 x M4*8 Hex Screw (stainless steel304) – Button Head 8 x M3 Hex Nut (stainless steel) 4 x M4*25+6 Single Head Stud
2 x Hook & Loop Fastener (20*40mm) Pack (2 pairs) 4 x M2.2*8.5mm Tapping Screw with Washer(flat end)-Round Head 6 x  M3*25 Cross Recess Screw (stainless steel304)-Button Head 2 x USB Cable 6P6C-20cm-Black
2 ×Low RPM TT Motor 2 x Slick Tire 2 x Plastic Timing Pulley 90T (with steps) 1 × Black 4AA Battery Holder (with heat-shrink tubing)
Case 1 x 130 Motor Shaft Accessory Variety Pack  (2 count) 1 x  Quick Start Guide 1 x  Building Guide
1 x Figure 8 Map 1 x Main Board 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor 1 Technic LEGO® expansion set for LEGO Robot
1 Screwdriver 1 x USB cable for main board -Black1.3m 1 Remote Controller 1 x Line Follower Module