MakeBlock mBot2

mBot2 is a next-generation educational robot designed with extended capabilities, starting as an entry-level solution in lower secondary education and going all the way to upper secondary and beyond.

mBot2 is powered by CyberPi, an educational microcontroller enhanced with network capabilities, built-in sensors and much more. mBot2 is designed for students to carry out interactive and smart lessons that are engaging, fun and reflecting real-world applications with cutting-edge technologies, including robotics, AI, IoT and Data Science. With mBlock’s enhanced coding learning experience, mBot2 allows students and educators to begin with the block-based coding approach, and seamlessly transition into object-oriented coding with Python, all in the same environment.

mBot2 Robot Kits + Lesson Plans

With orders of more than 6 robots, we’ll send you credentials to access more than 100 pages of STEM lesson plans developed specifically for these robots.

Video Curriculum Sets with MakeBlock Robots

Turn-Key Curriculum for K-12  |  Easy On-boarding for Teachers (with or without robotics experience)  |  Step-by-Step, Plug & Play Video Instruction  |  Proven, Standards-Aligned, Project-Based Curriculum  |  Detailed Lesson Plans with Individual Chart-and-Measure Assessments  |  Interactive Professional Development Hours  |  Evidence-Based Curriculum for over 15 Years  |  Program in Scratch

Authorized Makeblock Distributor for USA

Why MakeBlock?

  1. Students learn coding and mechanical design simultaneously, whereas competing products only teach coding
  2. LEGO-compatibility at a fraction of the price of LEGO-brand products
  3. Program with Scratch or Python
  4. Easy-to-build options for a variety of ages
  5. Lifetime customer support and 1 yr warranty
  6. Used in over 25,000 schools

Why MakeBlock + Robot Academy?

  1. Option to pay with P.O. (Purchase Order)
  2. Quantity discounts (contact us)
  3. Game-changing LEGO add-ons and mods from Robot Academy
  4. All items are in stock with quick shipping
  5. Optional Hands-on, Project-based Lesson Plans and Video Curriculum Kits
  6. Robot Academy will match any current price on and